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Tacoma DUI Attorney Salutes Servicemen by Offering Military Discounts

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Tacoma DUI Attorney Salutes the Country’s Servicemen with a Special Promo

  • Military discount on all criminal cases, including DUI charges
  • Appearance at Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing for FREE

America’s military personnel are some of the finest men and women in the country, but they aren’t infallible—like any civilian, they can be involved in certain criminal misdemeanor cases, including drunk driving incidents. To help military members get out of a snag, criminal defense attorney Kim E. Hunter is offering them a discount for DUI and other criminal cases they may find themselves in. She will also waive her fee for the Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing—her own way of defending the country’s defenders.

With Washington’s ever-more-stringent DUI laws, being charged with drunk driving can have serious ramifications on your life and finances. Consider this: maximum penalties for first-time offenders include one-year license revocation, $5,000 in fines, jail time of up to 1 year, and additional high-risk insurance. For these reasons, servicemen who find themselves with a DUI charge should contact a trusted Tacoma DUI attorney immediately to help them convince the court to drop charges or reduce penalties.

With a skilled DUI attorney in Tacoma at your side, you can move forward from this unfortunate episode in your life as soon as possible. Call (253) 709-5050 now to get the discount!

  • Discount for all military personnel on all criminal cases, including DUI charges
  • Appearance at Department of Licensing (DOL) Hearing has no additional cost
  • Call (253) 709-5050 for inquiries or to set an appointment

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