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When you face criminal charges, it’s only natural that you look for quality legal representation. After all, being convicted of even “just” a criminal misdemeanor can have long-lasting repercussions in your daily life. In such cases, we are here for you when you need us.

The Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter is proud to offer legal representation to clients in Ken and throughout South King County. As a respected criminal defense attorney, Attorney Kim E. Hunter works diligently to fight for your rights and mount a strong defense for all her clients. Whenever you choose us for legal counsel, you can expect the dedicated and compassionate representation you deserve.

Areas of Practice:

  • DUI – Even first-time DUI offenders in Washington run the risk of severe penalties, which highlights the importance of choosing a trusted attorney. Recognized as one of the top two female DUI attorneys in the state, Attorney Hunter can help you fight DUI allegations and collect the necessary evidence to prove your innocence or have your case dismissed.
  • Domestic Violence – Domestic violence cases can be emotionally draining experiences that require the help of an attorney with a strong knowledge of both family and criminal law. Attorney Hunter’s compassionate approach as an experienced domestic violence attorney can help reduce your stress and prepare you for the long road ahead.
  • Driving Offenses – Driving offenses, such as reckless driving, can easily lead to the suspension of your driver’s license, as well as having to carry SR-22 insurance. Such offenses can easily hamper your ability to get around or even hold a job. We can help you fight against driving offenses and avoid these consequences from happening.
  • Assault – Assault cases may be convicted in varying degrees, from first to fourth. Regardless of which degree you are charged, our defense lawyer can help you gather the evidence to prove your actions were taken in self-defense or in the defense of another person.
  • Prostitution – Prostitution is illegal in Washington. Although it is generally a misdemeanor offense, there may be other criminal charges that could be considered felonies. No matter the situation, Attorney Hunter can help you mount a strong defense to fight back against prostitution charges.
  • Theft – Theft charges come in many forms, which can make it a little difficult to predict the potential consequences if convicted. We can help you assess your theft charges and fight for the best possible resolution.

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