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Dependable Criminal Defense Attorney in Auburn

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Well-versed in criminal law issues in the Western Washington area, The Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter delivers dedicated legal representation for the residents of Auburn, as well to individuals who have been charged with criminal misdemeanors under the area’s jurisdiction.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Kim Hunter provides representation for clients charged with criminal misdemeanors such as DUI and other driving offenses, domestic violence, prostitution, assault, and theft, among others. Through her experience of handling many cases in Auburn in the past, Ms. Hunter has become very knowledgeable of the local laws and judicial processes in the area, knowledge that greatly assists with her goal of getting the best possible result for each of her clients. Whether you require a domestic violence attorney or a DUI attorney, Ms. Hunter can provide you with the proper legal representation you need.

Caring, affordable, and competent legal representation

The Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter, PLLC is committed to providing sound strategy and affordable legal services, and helping Auburn clients in the best way possible. By understanding that receiving criminal charges can be a great cause of worry to her clients, as well as evoke feelings of fear or shame, Ms. Hunter makes sure that each client is kept informed throughout the legal process. By doing so, she can eliminate or reduce the stress associated with having legal concerns.

Prior to accepting a case and providing representation in an Auburn court, The Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter also offers a free initial consultation in which clients can extensively discuss their upcoming cases and future legal concerns.

Parties who require legal consultation and in need of an experienced and reliable criminal defense lawyer to address misdemeanor charges in Auburn, Federal Way, Tacoma and other locations served in the Washington state can contact The Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter at (253) 709-5050. They can also send a brief description of their case via the Contact Us form and Ms. Hunter will respond as promptly as possible.

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