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More than thirty thousand individuals are charged with DUI every year in Washington alone. A longer mandatory jail time, required alcohol and drug treatment, and lengthy license suspensions can be expected with the many changes surrounding the state’s DUI law. If you have been charged in Puyallup, WA and the surrounding areas, you need an experienced and hard-working DUI attorney to guide you through this difficult period.

The Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter, PLLC has a reputation for competent legal representation, timely handling of charges, and excellent familiarity with the local court. Get in touch with the office’s DUI lawyer today!

The DUI Case Process

Two separate cases are commonly filed once a person is arrested for DUI. The criminal case is filed in the jurisdiction of the place where the arrest happened while the civil case is filed with the Washington State Department of Licensing. If the arrest took place in Puyallup, your case will be in Puyallup Municipal Court and you need a DUI attorney that can handle all aspects of the legal process.

Driver’s License Suspension Hearing

Anyone arrested of DUI is entitled to an administrative hearing before the Department of Licensing—the only instance where the mandatory license suspension can be disputed. The person being charged should be given a Hearing Request Form by the arresting police officer, which should then be completed and filed within 20 days at the Department of Licensing. The right to an administrative hearing will be waived and a suspension of license will be ordered 60 days after the arrest date if the requirements are not accomplished within the time frame.

The firm’s experienced criminal defense attorney, Kim E. Hunter, can present a strong case that details why your driver’s license should not be suspended. She can represent you with or without your presence at the civil hearing. The Hearing Officer’s decision to uphold the license or not applies only to the status of the driver’s license and has no bearing on the criminal case.

Criminal Charges Hearing

A person arrested due to DUI is required to appear at each and every hearing of the criminal case; failure to do so will result in an arrest warrant being issued. A mandatory court date may be given by the arresting police officer or the court with the jurisdiction over the case will provide the summons.

As a DUI attorney with a keen familiarity with the complexities of local Puyallup laws, Kim E. Hunter will fight aggressively for a client’s best interests. She will present a strong case and make sure that everything is managed properly to provide the best possible results depending of the charges. A four-time recipient of the Washington Star award from the Super Lawyers Magazine, Kim E. Hunter was also named a Super Lawyer in January of 2015. She can give you the peace of mind that your case is in highly capable hands.

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