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Let a Kent DUI attorney defend you against drunk driving charges

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Kim E. Hunter—deemed a “Super Lawyer” by and recipient of a perfect 10 from—is offering a FREE 30-minute initial consultation to drivers who have unfortunately become embroiled in DUI cases. She also includes in the service her appearance at the Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

According to the State Justice Department, almost 35,000 DUI arrests were made in Washington in 2013 alone. However, not everyone who is charged with drunk driving deserves it—many are just victims of circumstance.

For example, people may do poorly on field sobriety tests due to physical impairments or because the arresting officer gave confusing instructions. Likewise, suspicious appearance and behavior often have perfectly valid explanations—bloodshot eyes may be caused by allergies, while slurred speech can be a side effect of certain medications. A Kent DUI attorney presents these facts before a court and their best to have it to drop or reduce the charges.

Of course, the likelihood of case dismissal relies greatly upon the lawyer you choose. So don’t let just any lawyer handle your case. Let a trusted Kent DUI lawyer like Kim E. Hunter defend your reputation in court. Call (253) 709-5050 now!

  • FREE 30-minute defense consultation for DUI cases
  • Appearance at the Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing has no additional cost
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