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How a DUI Lawyer Overcomes Legal Obstacles

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Among the priorities of your King County DUI defense is to establish a productive relationship with the jury.

Strategies for a successful DUI case

In order to present a successful DUI case that effectively addresses the obstacles of the case, the DUI defense attorney must:

(1)   Successfully cross-examine the police officer.

(2)   Raise doubts on the incontrovertibility of chemical testing.

(3)   Thoroughly instruct the jury on the facts of the case using extensive knowledge of the law.

(4)   Emphasize the most winning points of those instructions (such as the presumption of innocence and proof beyond a reasonable doubt) during final argument.

The DUI defense also has to deal with the fact that jurors are biased against DUI defendants. To overcome this obstacle, the DUI lawyer will endear himself to the jury first and try to translate the appeal to the DUI client. The jury will typically like the DUI lawyer more than the defendant.
If the DUI defense can demonstrate that the State failed to meet its burden of proof, he or she will then remind the jury of their oath, which obligates them to return a not guilty verdict. The success of the case will depend on whether the DUI defense:

  • Has done everything in its power to convince the jurors of its arguments, and that they are presenting evidence and facts that adhere most closely to common sense and what the judge instructed the jurors to do.
  • Can establish credibility before the jury so they will accept their arguments.

How the DUI lawyer can appeal to the jury

The road to success must start early for the DUI defense lawyer. He or she must be familiar with every aspect of the case well before trial so that he or she can discuss them or recall important information with ease before the jurors. Appearing forgetful or disorganized will lead to the jury’s negative perception of the lawyer, and consequently his or her client.

A professional behavior and demeanor will help the DUI attorney make a good impression on the jurors. The lawyer should be dressed in clean, conservative attire, and exude an attitude that conveys confidence without coming off as arrogant. Perhaps more importantly, the lawyer must be able to communicate with jurors in a respectful, clear, coherent, and understandable manner.

Most jurors in a DUI trial have no trial experience and will be understandably nervous and uncomfortable. A good DUI lawyer will help the jurors get accustomed to the court setting and facilitate a smooth flowing exchange with a personable, open-ended approach. If the DUI lawyer can present himself or herself as a trustworthy, accessible person to the jury, he or she will be able to effectively communicate or sell his or her ideas to the jury.

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