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Auburn Defense Attorney Chosen to Join WSBA Sections Policy Workgroup

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Covington, Washington (September 19, 2016) – Kim E. Hunter, an experienced Auburn defense attorney has recently been chosen to join the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) Sections Policy Workgroup. Ms. Hunter has the honor to represent the BAR sections groups for various areas of law. She takes on the title of Section Leader and the role of a representative for the “mid-sized” sections from the Bar. She is tasked to gather viewpoints and be the voice of these sections to the Board of Governors regarding certain sensitive internal fiscal matters and governance issues.

The Sections Policy Workgroup was formed by the WSBA Board of Governors on July of last year. The purpose of this group would be to review WSBA policies as they relate to WSBA sections and make recommendations that would be considered by the Board of Governors. The Workgroup would also be responsible for offering its core members benefits including educational, networking, leadership opportunities, and direct communication. Collaboration among different sections and transparency is also promoted. By doing so, the Workgroup achieves greater administrative consistency that enables streamlining support from the WSBA.

According to Attorney Kim Hunter, the Sections Policy Workgroup is basically a “committee” of members from each 28 areas of law of the WSBA. Each section will have its own representative. These different sections, in turn, would have to put on educational seminars for their members and conduct other member-related function to network about their prospective areas of law. Currently, The Sections Policy Workgroup has 17 members and is led by President-Elect Robin Hayes.

Attorney Kim Hunter is a known criminal defense lawyer in Auburn as well as other areas in the Washington area. She is an esteemed member of the WSBA, and was even awarded the WSBA’s Pro Bono Award every year since 2004. She was also chosen as one of the top two women attorneys for DUI defense in the entire state.

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