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When the Stakes are Too High: Why You Need to Hire a Criminal Lawyer from Tacoma Now

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Domestic violence, including sexual assault, inflicting physical injury, and withholding essential resources, is a serious accusation that can merit grave sentences for the accused. Besides potential imprisonment, a domestic violence conviction can result in a tarnished reputation, which can eventually deprive those found guilty of some of their rights, freedom, and careers.

When Odds Are Too Small: Why Hire a Criminal Lawyer from Tacoma Now

As in any other criminal case, however, there are always two sides to a story, and the legal system has the obligation to hear both sides. Therefore, anyone accused of domestic violence should seek the help of a trusted criminal lawyer from Tacoma like Attorney Kim E. Hunter. Such lawyers will advocate for their clients’ rights, and help their clients put up the best possible defense. After all, one accused of domestic violence already has the disadvantage of several provisions in the law that can encourage false accusations.

An article in talks about these provisions.

  1. Broad definitions of domestic “violence” – Civil definitions of domestic violence include ill-defined and non-violent actions such as causing “annoyance,” making your partner “afraid,” and engaging in “harassment.”
  2. No need for evidence – Domestic violence service providers, law enforcement personnel, and prosecutors are all instructed to “always believe the victim,” even though the accuser has no evidence or proof of violence.
  3. Victim advocates – Domestic violence programs hire “victim advocates” who coach persons with minor problems how to present and embellish their complaints to enhance their chances of getting a restraining order.
  4. Incentives to make false allegations – Persons who are identified as “victims” are entitled to a broad range of services and legal benefits:
  • Sole use and possession of the residence
  • Child custody
  • Reimbursement for counseling, medical care, and even attorney’s fees
  • Priority in receiving Title VIII low-cost housing and eligibility for other welfare services

Many domestic violence cases have a predictable conclusion, often favoring the accuser. This makes the role of a reliable criminal attorney from Tacoma quite imperative. A lawyer may mitigate the severity of an accusation before this can be further used to bolster the case against the accused. A criminal defense lawyer will also know how to gather the right evidence, testimony, and use other tools that can help exonerate their clients, or soften their sentences.

The services of a criminal lawyer are all the more crucial if a person is falsely accused of the crime. The lawyer will know how to address and counteract any biases for the accuser that are present in many domestic violence cases.

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