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The Protection and Legal Advice DUI Attorneys Provide to Their Clients

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Being pulled over for a DUI can be a terrifying and nerve-wracking experience. It can mean facing jail time, a loss of your driver’s license, as well as hefty fines and penalties. If it is a person’s first time facing this experience, they may feel lost and worried about what to expect. If a person has been charged with a DUI in the past, they know what to expect and realize that since this is a second or third offense, the fines and charges they will face will be a lot stiffer. In both of these instances, there are good reasons to hire a DUI attorney.

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The Benefits of Using an Attorney for Your First Offense
Some individuals reason that if it is their first DUI, they can simply plead guilty and get a relatively light sentence. However, many are surprised when they realize the consequences that a guilty plea can have on their life, their finances, and their ability to get or maintain employment. Some who have prematurely pleaded guilty to a DUI charge later regret the fact that they did not first consult an attorney who could help them understand the DUI/DWI laws in their state.

If after consulting an attorney it is determined that the best decision is to plead guilty, a DUI attorney can still offer advice and counsel that can minimize the sentence for a first-time offender. There are many considerations in the law and circumstances surrounding the arrest that the average person is not aware of. A criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI cases knows the law and understands how to use it to benefit their client.

Why Second Offenders Should Seek a DUI Attorney

Second offenders should seek a DUI defense lawyer because the state is a lot less lenient on repeat offenders. The chance of losing their license and serving jail time is a lot higher. In addition to plea bargaining, a DUI attorney can work with the judge and prosecutor when it comes to sentence bargaining. Having a DUI attorney is a must if a person is charged with an aggravated DUI where they had a blood alcohol content of over .15 or if injury and death resulted from an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Some people avoid seeking the help of the DUI attorney because they are worried about how much it will cost. The truth is that the cost of not getting an attorney, which include fines and prison time, is a lot more than the cost of using an attorney service. Seek legal aid today from a Kent DUI defense lawyer, preferably a “Super Lawyer” like Atty. Kim E. Hunter from the Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter.

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