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Over the Legal Limit: Contact a Puyallup DUI Lawyer for Assistance

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Whenever you drink, you could lower your inhibitions and your reaction time. This may make it more likely that you drive too fast or get into an accident while operating a motor vehicle. While you should never get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, you should still be aware how many drinks it takes before you are operating a motor vehicle while impaired.

Over the Legal Limit

Anyone Can Be Too Impaired to Drive

Technically, anyone can be too impaired to drive after just a single drink. Even if your blood alcohol content is .00 or .02 percent, an officer may still take you into custody if you show other signs of impairment such as slurred speech or glassy and watery eyes. Therefore, never assume that you cannot be charged with a DUI just because you are under the legal limit.

The Limit May Vary Based on Circumstances

For most drivers over the age of 21, your blood alcohol content cannot be more than .08 percent. However, if you are under the age of 21, you may not have any alcohol in your system unless you are coming from a religious ceremony where you may have wine as part of the service. In that scenario, your BAC cannot be more than .02 percent. Commercial drivers must keep their blood alcohol content to less than .05 percent whenever they are operating their vehicles.

Are Blood Alcohol Tests Always Accurate?

A blood alcohol test may not always give an accurate reading, which is why it is a good idea to contact a Puyallup DUI attorney after being detained and charged. Results can be misleading if they are not taken in a timely manner, are not taken properly or are not recorded properly by whoever gives the test. In some cases, your blood alcohol content could be higher than it was before you started driving or otherwise show up as higher than it is because of metabolism or other issues beyond your control.

If you have been pulled over and charged with DUI, an experienced Puyallup DUI lawyer like Atty. Kim Hunter may be able to help. She may be able to dispute the results of a blood or breath test, which could make it easier to reach a plea agreement or have charges dropped in your case.

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