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Navigate Domestic Violence Charges With Help from a Defense Attorney

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Nobody deserves to be a victim of domestic violence. Sadly, such tragedy is extremely common. In the United States, domestic violence is the leading cause of injuries to women of ages 15-44. It exceeds muggings, auto accidents, and rape combined.

Worse still, not everyone who is accused of domestic violence is guilty. If you’re ever accused of domestic violence, the potential consequences can be serious and long lasting. A domestic violence attorney near Auburn can be your most powerful ally in freeing you from such charges.

navigate domestic violence charges
Harsh Consequences You Might Face

Washington State takes domestic violence cases seriously, and if you’re ever accused, you are facing both immediate and long-term consequences. For instance, because of a mandatory arrest law in Washington state, you can be arrested and incarcerated once the police respond to the domestic violence call.

In addition, you may also suffer loss of contact with your loved ones. At the first court appearance, a judge may issue a no-contact order, especially when the protected person requests no contact.

If you own firearms, you may also be required to turn them over to police while your case is being heard. This can be particularly crippling if your job necessitates the possession of guns, such as security work, law enforcement, or the military.

How Your Domestic Violence Attorney Can Defend You

Just because you are accused of domestic violence doesn’t mean that you lose all of your rights. Therefore, it is imperative to enlist the support of a defense attorney should you find yourself in hot water.

One way in which an attorney can handle your case is to show that the prosecution has not convinced the jury or judge of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A lawyer may also offer a defense that absolves you of your actions. Therefore, you need to be honest with your lawyer and divulge all the information needed to resolve your case.

Domestic violence is a serious accusation, but it’s also a reality that in many cases, the suspect is not guilty of the crime. Should you ever experience this situation, make sure to call an Auburn defense attorney as soon as you can to help you navigate the complexities of domestic violence cases.

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