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A DUI Attorney from Federal Way Can Help You in a Sports Event Brawl

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Sports events of any stripe are a chance to have fun and show your team loyalties, but when things get out of hand because of alcohol, you have to face the consequences in court. Mike Oz of Yahoo! Sports has one such story to tell:

Major league mascots don’t have the most comfortable of jobs — can you imagine trudging around a stadium every day in a heavy, hot costume? It’s a bit more uncomfortable for the mascots when fans get a little too wild and start grabbing them by the neck.

This is what happened to Raymond, the Tampa Bay Rays mascot, during Tuesday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox. I know what you’re thinking: “Surely no hometown fan would try to choke his own mascot.” Correct. It was a Red Sox fan from the Boston suburb of Needham.

The incident might have happened anywhere in the country, but this only shows that alcohol-fueled conduct during and after sports events is not unheard of. For instance, Washington State residents might recall the antics of the Popcorn Guy during the Cougars’ NCAA Division I match against Stanford last year.

Red Sox fan arrested after alledgely grabbing Rays mascot by the neck twice

If you find yourself on the hot seat for drunken behavior around the time of a sporting event, you can seek legal representation through the assistance of a DUI attorney in Federal Way like Atty. Kim E. Hunter.

A full accounting of the facts from both sides usually helps in getting a better picture of what happened, which your lawyer can then use in their arguments. In the mascot case noted above, the St. Petersburg police reported that one Trevor James Martin allegedly wrapped his arms around Raymond’s neck every time the latter went close to the railings. The mascot was forced to shake loose during the incident.

Martin posted $100 bail on counts of misdemeanor, including disorderly intoxication in a public place. Subsequently, he admitted to drinking two beers during the game, and several witnesses also claimed he could not speak well. The unnamed Rays employee wearing the Raymond costume declined to file battery charges.

A trusted DUI defense lawyer in Federal Way will exercise every last option to aid the defendants in such cases. After all, no one needs to go to jail for being a little too overzealous in their support for their sports team.

(Source: Red Sox fan arrested after allegedly grabbing Rays mascot by the neck twice, Yahoo! Sports)

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