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DUI Attorney Explains the Court Process for First Drunk Driving Arrest

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If you have been arrested for driving drunk or operating a vehicle under the influence of an illegal substance or alcohol, it is important for you to find legal representation. The penalties for a DUI in Kent are substantial and can affect many aspects of your life for decades.

A DUI attorney can consult with you about your case and represent your interests in a court of law. If you are unsure about how the court considers a first-time DUI offense, consider these ways in which a respected DUI lawyer in Kent, such as Attorney Kim E. Hunter, can help you understand the process.

Drunk Driving

Explaining Your Legal Responsibilities

Once you have been arrested on DUI charges, you may start to immediately feel legal repercussions. Having a lawyer represent you is beneficial for understanding what is required of you. A DUI attorney may explain what the charges against you mean and how the court process for cases like yours works. A lawyer may also explain your legal rights and responsibilities in words that you can understand. 

Communicating About Penalties

Washington DUI laws state that first-time offenders may have their license suspended from 90 days up to 1 year. If your job requires a driver’s license (truck driver, school bus operator, etc.), there is a probability of you losing or being suspended from your job. People who work in the medical profession may also experience job-related penalties due to a DUI arrest. Your DUI defense lawyer may inform you about what to expect in your personal and professional life after a DUI charge.

Navigating the Court System

Legal charges for a first-time DUI arrest may vary based upon your blood alcohol content and other factors, such as whether anyone was injured as a result of your driving. Your lawyer may help you navigate through the different options that you have in the legal system, such as pleading guilty to the initial charges or pleading no contest if either is the best option in your situation. Your lawyer may be able to provide you with information about cases with similar circumstances to yours so that you know what to expect.

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