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Defending Against Violence Charges with a Criminal Lawyer in Tacoma

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Being accused of domestic violence is extremely troublesome, as it requires not just a significant amount of time and effort but intense emotional stability too. Mostly occuring within families and intimate couples, domestic violence is a serious federal offense that can take away anyone’s freedom, even those who are wrongly accused.

Protecting oneself from false domestic violence charges is possible with the help of an experienced criminal lawyer in Tacoma and all other locales. Once the case reaches the courtroom, a lawyer can present specific situations designed to help his client disprove the allegations– all based on irrefutable evidence presented. Here are some potential defenses:

Wrong suspect. It is possible that as soon as the authorities nab a suspect, there can be a case of mistaken identity. Reasons may include identical names, misinterpreted physical attributes, or wrong specific details in the police report. To establish an accused individual’s innocence, a skilled Tacoma criminal attorney can point out irregularities in the records and present relevant evidence to the contrary.

Deliberately false allegations. Domestic violence cases often involve emotionally charged people. The overflowing feelings can have a significant effect on their decisions– at times even accusing merely out of spite. In order to support their lies, they may also lie, create false evidence, and even inflict injuries upon themselves. Known to happen in child custody and divorce cases, deliberately false allegations can be debunked by a skilled defense lawyer by searching for inconsistencies in the accuser’s story, then comparing it to police records and eyewitness accounts.

Self-defense. This is a fairly legitimate claim in domestic violence charges, because the supposed abuser might in fact be trying to protect himself/herself from the purported victim. Such claims can be validated if the defendant reasonably perceived an imminent threat, acted accordingly, and was not the initial aggressor.

Alibi. If pertinent and relevant evidence are present, an alibi may be enough to dismiss an entire complaint. For example: the defendant was shopping at a grocery store when he was reported for committing domestic violence. A single receipt, eyewitness account/written and signed testimony, or CCTV camera footage can serve as a reliable, irrefutable alibi.

In the event that you are accused of committing domestic violence and feel you have been wronged, waste no time in hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Kim E. Hunter. In doing so, you’ll have a reliable ally by your side at all times.

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