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Avoid These When Facing Criminal Charges, Says a Defense Attorney

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If you’re pondering whether you need a defense attorney in Auburn, then you definitely do. It also indicates that you’re in hot water, so don’t hire just any lawyer. You want one with years’ worth of expertise and experience in defending— and winning— criminal cases. This is vital because without adequate legal representation, even a minor criminal charge can land you in jail.

If your case is not handled well and you get convicted, expect it to haunt your for years, and even the rest of your life. An established criminal defense attorney has the tools to help you prevent these consequences.

Now, there are some things you need to avoid doing if you’re facing criminal charges. Your lawyer will do everything they can to help you get the best results, but your assistance is also necessary to increase the chances of a positive outcome.

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Do not accept a public defender provided by the court.

Those who qualify financially are offered a court-provided public defender. If you’re strapped for cash, this can be a tempting option. If you can, however, it’s advisable to refuse the offer. Public defenders certainly have the experience to defend criminal cases.

However, they are often short on time and overburdened, since they commonly have to handle many cases at once. This means that may not have the resources and time to defend you vigorously. Therefore, it’s better to seek advice from a private criminal defense lawyer.

Do not hire a lawyer without criminal defense experience.

When you’re facing criminal charges, this can seem like an obvious statement. However, you’d be surprised just how many people assume that all lawyers are the same. Criminal charges are serious charges, so you want an expert on your side. Therefore, do research on the lawyer you’re hiring and make sure they have criminal trial land court experience before hiring them to handle your defense.

Do not defend yourself.

Going “pro se” means you act as your own attorney, and this is allowed in minor civil charges and small claims court. Yet never try this when facing a criminal charge. Even experienced attorneys don’t go pro se when they have to defend themselves against serious charges, so you should this as well to prevent damaging your case.

Facing a criminal charge is a stressful experience, but taking the correct steps can greatly increase your chances of walking away free. Remember to engage the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you with the whole process. 

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