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Asking For Your DUI Lawyer After You Get Pulled Over by the Police

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You’re driving and all of the sudden you see the flashing colors of blue and red on your rearview mirror. A police officer is telling you to pull over and you do just that. You hear the approaching footsteps of this man of the law. What should you do?

DUI Lawyer

There are many probable causes for anyone to get pulled over by a police officer and the one common reasons is driving under influence, also called DUI. In a situation like this, it is important that you remain calm and follow the officer’s lead.

The Basics of DUI: Probable Causes

It is important that you realize an officer needs probable cause to pull you over. These ‘causes’ are observations by the police officer such as you swerving across the road or driving unsteadily, accidents or injuries and the like. For some people, getting pulled over can be annoying and cause them to react badly. This is where complications arise. A police officer pulled you over for a reason, or maybe more than one reason for that matter, and even though his observations might be inaccurate, you have to avoid behaving badly for this may become a probable cause. Even while the police officer is speaking with you, he is continually observing you. For your own good, you have to give the police officer no reason to be suspicious of you. You should also be mindful of staying inside the car while the officer is asking you questions, unless you are asked to get out.

The cliché reminder often recited in Miranda rights applies to DUIi cases as well. Unless asked, it is better that you volunteer no information at all. As a matter of fact, you can ask a police officer whether or not his orders are “voluntary” and if he or she says they are, you do not have to follow them. If you are clearly intoxicated, the officer in charge will definitely ask you how much you had to drink. Be mindful of your answer for it will be used against you lest you may have to attend hearings and bring your DUI attorney to a court in Puyallup with you. It is best to remain silent or answer that you cannot clearly recall.

Police officers, however, are not authorized to ask you to pull over to launch investigations, they must have probable cause to do so, and you can ask them why they have pulled you over. A good example is that of a police officer having a justified probable cause to search your car or van for weapons or illegal drugs. The same scenario applies to any serious crime and basic traffic offenses. This is why it is important that you know your rights on the road, and when you should speak to reputable DUI lawyer in Puyallup.

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