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Things to Remember: What Your Federal Way DUI Attorney Needs to Know

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When you see the flashing lights of the police car behind you and you think you have a good chance of being charged for DUI in Washington State, there’s no need to panic. If you keep your wits, the odds are good you can fight your case with the help of a skilled DUI attorney for Federal Way residents. You may be able to reduce the charges or even have it completely dropped.

Take note that a technicality in your arrest may result in your charges being dropped. A police officer would need to have probable cause for stopping you. This can mean erratic behavior on the road or speeding. If an officer stops you because of a hunch, then any evidence he might gather on the arrest could be inadmissible. You will be read your Miranda rights to ensure that you know them. If he missed on that basic rule, then a knowledgeable Federal Way DUI lawyer, such as from the Law Offices of Kim E Hunter, PLLC, can exclude the evidence the officer will present for the trial.


You’ll also have to have a good reason if you fail any of the tests given to you. Field sobriety tests often involve having you walk a straight line or reciting the alphabet backwards. If you can tell your attorney why you failed these test, such as a disability or fatigue, then your lawyer can craft a legitimate defense for you.

Remember that one of the main pieces of evidence that the prosecution will have against you is the breathalyzer test. You can try to put doubt on its accuracy but with the recent upgrade technology received by the Washington State Patrol, you may have a problem, as pointed out in a recent article on the Daily Sun News.

The Draeger instruments will replace the National Patent Analytical Systems DataMaster that has been in use since the 1980s. They are no longer being manufactured, and even getting parts has been difficult.

“The Draeger instrument will produce the same accurate results as our previous instrument, but with far less maintenance,” said Lt. Rob Sharpe, commander of the Patrol’s Impaired Driving Section. “They are also easier for officers to operate, and help speed the processing of DUI suspects.”

However, it is possible to claim a condition like GERD or heartburn, as the cause of your higher breath alcohol concentration (BAC). You can’t refuse the test or you’ll end up with a one year license suspension, so you’ll need to have a legitimate reason for your higher BAC.

(Source: Washington State Patrol unveils new breathalyzer machines, Daily Sun News, November 7, 2014)

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