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Kent DUI Attorney Shares Some Scenarios When Charges can be Dropped

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“Don’t drink and drive.”

It’s a common public service announcement that can be heard just about anywhere, including bars. Unfortunately, some people still decide to ignore the reminder and get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. One such instance happened in Federal Way recently, as reported by Alisa Gramann of the Federal Way Mirror:

A man was arrested for a suspected DUI after the driver allegedly hit a sign post and flipped his SUV on Highway 18 this morning.

Washington State Patrol troopers responded to a call of an SUV rolled over on westbound Highway 18 to northbound Interstate 5 around 1 a.m. The SUV partially blocked the ramp for less than an hour, said State Patrol Trooper Karim Doukadou.

The suspect was taken into custody but was released to St. Francis Hospital.

Suspected DUI driver arrested after SUV  flips in federal way

In the event that you also find yourself arrested under suspicion of a DUI, remain calm. Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to beat a DUI charge. Immediately inform the apprehending officer(s) that you wish to talk to a Kent DUI attorney. Once you are face to face with your lawyer, try to recall the following details:

Why You Were Stopped

Police officers cannot flag down a vehicle simply because they suspect a driver is impaired. A standard traffic violation such as swerving or a busted tail light must be the reason why you were stopped; otherwise, the DUI charge will be shot down in court. For your reference: in Washington, an anonymous report is not sufficient cause for pulling you over.

How Field Sobriety Tests Were Conducted

Touching the nose with your index finger and saying the alphabet backwards (or normally) are not standard field sobriety tests. As such, the results of these tests cannot be used as a basis for arrest.

If you were asked to take a breath test, officers must ask you to take the test several times. This is because breath test results can vary as much as by 12.5%. Tell your lawyer if you suspect the breath analyzer is poorly maintained or if the test administrator seems as if he or she isn’t certified to conduct the test. If records show either to be true, all test results are considered inadmissible in court

Be sure to give your lawyer a detailed account of your arrest. A trusted Kent DUI lawyer like Atty. Kim E. Hunter can help you locate weak points in the case and help you get your DUI charges dropped.

(Source: Suspected DUI driver arrested after SUV flips in Federal Way, Federal Way Mirror, August 5, 2014)

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