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Last December until the 1st of January this year, there were extra DUI patrols dispatched throughout the whole state of Washington as part of the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission’s (WTC) “Target Zero” Program. In King County, the patrols worked in collaboration with the King County Target Zero Task Force. This is part of efforts to hopefully end traffic deaths and serious injuries in Washington by the year 2030.

The Target Zero Teams first came out in July 2010 in the King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties, and added Yakima and Spokane in 2013. At the heart of these teams are sergeants and troopers from the Washington State Patrol who work full time at locations where the most DUI cases have occurred. State troopers, city police officers, and sheriff’s deputies look for impaired drivers every week and will head to where crashes are happening with the help of a GIS mapping software. The team’s success will be measured by the reduction in DUI-related fatalities and not from arrests alone.

When it comes defending clients accused of driving while impaired, a DUI attorney in Federal Way will go through the circumstances of the case and determine the gravity of the charges. The attorney will also gather information that can help bolster the client’s case. While no one can guarantee that charges will be dropped, there is always the possibility that the offense will be lessened. If the case goes to trial, the attorney can represent the client and provide arguments that can strengthen the defense.

DUI offenses would depend on the blood alcohol content (BAC) of the person. The minimal level is .08 and anything higher can result in more serious penalties and fines. In addition, any uncontestable evidence that the person was, in fact, drunk can lead to conviction. This is where having a DUI lawyer in Federal Way becomes valuable.

Those who are facing a DUI charge should hire experienced attorneys, such as those from the Law Offices of Kim E Hunter, who can work to have the charges dropped or, at the very least, lessen the offense by way of a plea bargain.

(Source: Kirkland police to increase DUI patrols during the holidays, Kirkland Reporter, December 9, 2014)

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