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Top Tacoma DUI Attorney Reduces DUI Case to Reckless Driving Charge

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Atty. Kim E. Hunter, a leading Tacoma DUI attorney, has successfully defended countless cases in the Washington courts. As a testament to her impressive track record, we are happy to announce that just recently she was able to have a client’s DUI case commuted to a mere reckless driving charge. That’s the kind of service you can expect to get from Atty. Kim, who is described as one of’s “Rising Stars.”

As you might know, the State of Washington does not take DUI cases lightly. Even if you’re a first-time offender, you will face mandatory license suspension, huge fines, and possible incarceration. You’ll also experience a hike in your automobile insurance premiums, and employers may have qualms about hiring you.

A reckless driving conviction, on the other hand, is a far more favorable ruling as defendants are meted shorter license suspensions and rarely face jail time.

How does one get a reduction of charge, though? When the case against our client isn’t particularly strong, we will try to convince the prosecution to enter into a plea bargain with us. The offer is thus: rather than face defeat in court due to weak evidence, why not agree to try the defendant on a lesser charge?

Fortunately, there are many things that can weaken a DUI case and force the prosecution into entering a plea bargain. For one, the validity of Breathalyzer tests can be called into question if the device is suspected to be malfunctioning or not properly calibrated. Aside from this, there may have been errors in the arresting procedure, such as when the officer apprehends a driver with no probable cause or forgets to read the arrestee’s Miranda rights.

A skillful DUI attorney in Tacoma will use such defenses so that the charges are reduced. When this happens, both camps agree, in principle, that the accident or arrest did not stem from inebriation but from negligence on the wheel.

Atty. Hunter understands that DUI convictions carry a life-long stigma, which is why she does her utmost to have such cases commuted, if not thrown out altogether. With her capable team at your side, you can rest assured that you have a partner who will defend your rights to the best of their ability.

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