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DUI Lawyer, Kim Hunter, Writes of Atticus Finch in NW Lawyer Magazine

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Integrity, honesty and humility—such qualities in a lawyer are expected, but are hard to embody at all times. This is why when Super Lawyer Ms. Kim Hunter, a reputable DUI attorney serving Federal Way, was asked by the NW Lawyer Magazine to write about the topic “My Most Influential Law Figure”, she chose the character of Atticus Finch. Set in a time when African American discrimination wasn’t considered unjust, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird remains one the most moving novels about criminal defense that inspires lawyers, young and veteran alike, to dedicate their best in protecting their client’s right.

“Not only did he recognize the injustice operating in his small town; he took up the gauntlet and defended Mr. Tom Robinson with a zealously that is rarely seen today”, wrote Ms. Hunter. Atticus Finch stood firm in his belief that everyone deserves the best defense, even in the face of threat against his family. He was brave to have stood before a fuming mob and defended his client with all eloquence and conviction. He was compassionate and at the same time a professional who lived up to his role well as a defense lawyer. “If we could all operate with this type of integrity, honesty and humility, the practice of law would be a shining testament to the principles of the Constitution. For this reason, he is my ideal Attorney”, Ms. Hunter closes her essay.

Just like her role model, Ms. Hunter believes each of her clients is entitled to knowledgeable and effective defense. She takes on cases with characteristic zeal and deals with her clients with genuine compassion. She is not your average legal representative; Ms. Hunter is your dedicated ally and advocate.

Although not punishable by death as in the offense subject in the novel, DUI charges are taken seriously in Federal Way. It can turn a driver’s life upside down as punishment includes hefty fines, license suspension or revocation and possible jail time depending on the degree of the offense. If this happened to you, time is crucial to ensure your rights are well-protected. As a criminal defense and DUI lawyer with extensive experience, Ms. Hunter will competently handle your case to attain the best possible resolution for you.

In addition to DUI, Ms. Hunter also represents clients charged with criminal misdemeanors like theft, assault, domestic violence, prostitution, and driving offenses in Federal Way as well as in Puyallup, Auburn, Kent, Tacoma, and the neighboring areas. If you’ve been accused any of these offenses, don’t worry. Ms. Hunter will keep you well-informed every step of the way to alleviate your stress and face the prosecution more confidently.

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