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Practical Tips on Staying Sober at Events, Suggested by a DUI Lawyer
Practical Tips on Staying Sober at Events, Suggested by a DUI Lawyer

For some, it's not enough to just attend an event or party. Drinking is a social pastime that can be hard to resist among peers. However, the consequences of drinking and driving can be dire. So, follow the advice of a DUI lawyer who has seen it all around Puyallup. You ...

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    It can be tempting to get into the car after a few too many drinks around Auburn and hope for the best. In reality, though, there are more far ...

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  • A DUI Attorney Advises On The Many Possible Outcomes of a DUI Arrest

    The DUI laws in Washington State are pretty straightforward: anyone found to be driving a vehicle with blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more, or who ...

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  • A Kent DUI Attorney Explains Some Important Drunk Driving Legislation

    It seems like every state enforces different DUI laws or legislation, which can make things confusing if you are arrested for a DUI. Washington DUI ...

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  • You Can Refuse these Tests During a DUI Pull-Over, Says a DUI Lawyer

    The state of Washington does not kid around when it comes to drunk drivers. Strict laws exist to punish those caught driving under the influence. If ...

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  • Navigate Domestic Violence Charges With Help from a Defense Attorney

    Nobody deserves to be a victim of domestic violence. Sadly, such tragedy is extremely common. In the United States, domestic violence is the leading ...

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  • An Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer Answers Three FAQs on DUI Cases

    If this is your first time getting pulled over for a DUI arrest in Washington, you might be reeling from the sheer stress of the experience. Numerous ...

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  • First DUI Offense in the Kent Area? Heed this Advice from a DUI Lawyer

    In the United States, it is against the law to be in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You can be ...

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  • The Top 4 Holidays for DUI Arrests Revealed by a DUI Lawyer

    Over the holidays, drinking and driving becomes a serious issue. Distracted by holiday festivities, many people are less vigilant about staying sober ...

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  • Avoid These When Facing Criminal Charges, Says a Defense Attorney

    If you're pondering whether you need a defense attorney in Auburn , then you definitely do. It also indicates that you're in hot water, so don't hire ...

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