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A Trusted Kent DUI Attorney Can Challenge Faulty Breathalyzers
A Trusted Kent DUI Attorney Can Challenge Faulty Breathalyzers

While it is completely voluntary to submit yourself to undergoing a breathalyzer test, and you become compelled to do so after you have been taken into police custody, it's been debated that breathalyzers can make mistakes, which a reliable Kent DUI attorney can raise in the ...

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  • Respected Tacoma DUI Attorney Helps You Assert Your Rights in A DUI

    Holidays are always a festive and jolly season, and you can't help but put the "merry" in Christmas with a few beers. Ideally, you shouldn't really be ...

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  • Things to Remember: What Your Federal Way DUI Attorney Needs to Know

    When you see the flashing lights of the police car behind you and you think you have a good chance of being charged for DUI in Washington State, ...

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  • Get a Tacoma Criminal Lawyer to Help You Sift through your Bad Choices

    People can be pushed and pulled by their emotions, causing them to do things that they wouldn't normally do. If these actions are criminal in nature, ...

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  • Leading Kent DUI Attorney Says that Cops Can Get Arrests Wrong, Too

    Bloodshot eyes, scattered thoughts, and a dry mouth are all reason to suspect someone for marijuana intoxication. Have you ever heard, however, of ...

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  • Respected Tacoma DUI Attorney Discusses Marijuana-Related DUI Arrests

    When people hear the word "driving under the influence" or DUI, they often associate it with alcohol intake. As one of the few states where marijuana ...

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  • DUI Attorney in Federal Way Helps Resolve Marijuana-Related DUI Cases

    While fans rejoiced upon the legalization of marijuana's recreational use in Colorado and Washington, the authorities were on its toes, anticipating a ...

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  • Tacoma Criminal Lawyer Defends Accused's Rights Despite Public Bias

    Ray Rice may have thrown the punch, but right now, he's the one reeling, about to get knocked out cold. The former Baltimore Ravens running back ...

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  • Working with a Kent DUI Attorney to Challenge Field Sobriety Tests

    A drunk driving arrest, especially in the state of Washington (considered as the state with the toughest DUI laws in the U.S.) is sure to lead to a ...

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  • Sobriety Tests: Why you'll Fail; Why you'll Need a Tacoma DUI Lawyer

    Liquor, in the right place and time, can send a sense of benediction and favor among humans who take them. Some worldwide traditions even require ...

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